annemarie5I am certain whether you are a grandmother, grandchild, mom or aunt, that the books in this series, all based on actual  (or partial ) experiences Grandma Pat had with Annemarie, will provide you with a laugh and maybe a tear along the way.  The books are meant to be shared in families, and lest the boys feel neglected, the third book will be co-written with  Annemarie’s brother.

Annemarie’s Birth

I write this on Thanksgiving Day, 1997. This book is for you, Annemarie. It says what Grandma Pat believes about the world and your birth. I can remember holding you that first day and saying, “Welcome to the world, Annemarie!”

Your birth forced your Mother to realize that there are some things she cannot control. So she gave birth to you in a hospital she had not chosen, a Doctor she did not want, and yet all turned out beautifully.

annemarie-babyYour Father was so very proud, he couldn’t stop beaming. Your big brothers looked on in awe. The puppies could not figure out what you were at first and as I write this they are probably still concerned though Chole sees you as someone else to take care of and Claus wait for when you eat real food.

Know that you are loved and always will be.

Book one: Annemarie and Boomer Wait for Grandma

Four-year-old Annemarie, along with her faithful rescue dog Boomer, anxiously await the arrival of her Grandmother;  but first, she has to get through a day at school.  She passes the time by sharing stories about her Grandmother with her classmates.

The Second Annemarie Book is Released!

You can now purchase the new Annemarie book, “Annemarie Learns to Whistle”




  • Book three:  Annemarie Says Goodbye to a  Friend
  • Book four:  Annemarie Discovers Prairie Dogs (Projected)
  • Book five:  Annemarie Goes to Broadway (Projected)

Be sure to watch for future publication dates!

The Way It Was


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Annemarie’s World

  1. I can’t wait to read the Annemarie series! How exciting, Pat! I know there will be important messages within the books for all children to learn.


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